Good Lap Dances Make Good Neighbors - Transfixed

Channel: Transfixed

A man, Roman Todd, welcomes his neighbor, Ariel Demure, into his home. She is wearing a long trench coat that shows off hints of red fishnets beneath.Their playful conversation reveals that Roman recently found out what kind of career Ariel has, so he asked her to come over because he could use someone with her skills. When she opens her coat, revealing a red-hot fishnet outfit, it's further revealed that Ariel is a stripper and that she's there to give Roman a private lapdance.Roman is transfixed as Ariel seductively dances in front of him before climbing into his lap to continue. Roman eventually admits that he's been pretty lonely lately and that he has a major crush on her. When he found out through his friends that she's a stripper, he thought it was the perfect chance to get close to her without feeling too awkward.Luckily, Ariel finds him cute and is into it. That's when she seductively offers to take things to the next level, starting with inviting Roman to rip the fishnets off her!