Flash Photography - Transfixed

Channel: Transfixed

A beautiful model, Summer Col, is wearing multiple pieces of jewelry for a fashion photo shoot. To make the jewelry the main focus, the rest of Summer's outfit consists of only a skimpy bra and a thong. The photographer, Eva Maxim, remains professional, but the atmosphere gets increasingly intimate as Eva takes closeup shots, and occasionally has to touch Summer to adjust the positions of the jewelry.Once the first set of photos is done, Summer changes into the next outfit, which consists of a different set of jewelry, a thong that's nearly invisible, and NO bra. Now that Summer is almost completely nude except for the glittering jewels, the mood becomes even more intimate and sensual, especially whenever Eva has to touch Summer again to readjust the jewelry.Eventually, Eva says that she normally prides herself on being a professional, but she can't help but feel attracted to Summer. Luckily, Summer is flattered to be an exception, and says that she's attracted to Eva!