When Mommy Is Away! - TransSensual

Channel: TransSensual

Eva (Eva Maxim) knows that her stepdad, Ricky (Ricky Larkin), likes her more than a daughter. He always looks at her when her mom is not looking, his niece with her, he understands her. She likes him too. He's a very attractive man, a bit old for her but age it’s just a number. Eva waits for the perfect moment to make a move on him. This weekend, her mom leaves her and her husband alone for the weekend. Eva knows how bad her mom's cooking is, so she decides to cook breakfast for Ricky. She brings it in his room and wakes him up. Ricky is happy to see her and will never say no to a nice breakfast in bed, but he finds the situation a little bit embarrassing. First, he doesn't wear underwear in bed; secondly, it's not appropriate to be in bed with his stepdaughter when her mom is not there. Eva will not let any of this ruin her plans. She wants her stepdad's cock, and nothing will stop her. She jumps on him he fights this hard desire for a few minutes but when she grabs his dick and puts her gentle lips around it he lets himself go and enjoys every second with Eva.