Love/Hate Relationship - TransSensual

Channel: TransSensual

Ella (Ella Hollywood) comes home to see her mom and her new husband, but when she arrived nobody is home except her new stepbrother Dante (Dante Colle). It’s the first time they meet each other, and to be honest he doesn’t give her a nice first impression. When her mom comes back from the grocery store, Ella help her with the bag. They talk a lot about her brother, but her mom convinces her to give him another chance. The next morning, after her mom leaves with the dry cleaning, Ella calls her boyfriend. She thinks she’s alone, so they start to do phone sex. Unluckily, her brother still home and he enjoy every second of it. When Ella notices him standing on the stairs, it turns her on and arouse her even more. When he finally walks to her and sits beside her, she decides to hang up the phone and pay more attention to her new brother.