Daddy Dearest - TransSensual

Channel: TransSensual

Khloe (Khloe Kay) is getting ready for a date with her college crush. She stops in the kitchen to make sure that she looks perfect. Her stepdad Draven (Draven Navarro) complements her and gives her the confidence she needs for her date. She smiles at him and leaves the house. A few hours later she comes back home crying. Her dream date was an asshole he treated her like shit. Obviously, Draven reacts like every dad would. He's so fired up he wants to go to kick his ass. Khloe stops him, she finds his reaction cute. She wishes that she could find someone like him someday. In this intimate moment between her and her stepdad, she lets herself go and kiss him. Draven tries to move away, but when she presses her young body against him, he gives up and kisses her back.