Adultery Scene 3 - TransSensual

Channel: TransSensual

Every morning you wake up beside your husband. You bite your lip and you smile. 'I love you,' you tell him, knowing very well you've betrayed him. Adultery is among the most private taboos. It's not the kind of thing you shout to the world, especially if that other someone is your brother_in_law. It's a secret you dig deep, deep inside. If you've ever cheated on someone you really love, it can haunt you for the rest of your life. But, not for everyone... For Ryder Monroe, cheating on her husband is nothing. If anything, Ryder craves the thrill of betrayal; of almost getting caught. She loves having sex with her brother_in_law Dante Colle, mostly because it's forbidden. While she's fucking him, she imagines her husband walking in on them and she cums even harder. Maybe it's just a cry for attention, maybe deep down she craves nothing more than having her husband see her... it's been so long since he's really seen her.