Uncaged Lust - Transfixed

Channel: Transfixed

In a dimly-lit room with candles, Erica Cherry is wearing a little black dress as she waits for someone with breathless anticipation. Her longtime domme, Queenie Sateen, calmly enters the room and appreciatively looks Erica up and down. The air is sexually charged between them. Queenie playfully comments that it's been a long time since their last session. Erica agrees and is desperate for Queenie's time. Queenie obviously enjoys seeing this desperation, but keeps things light and playful.Queenie teasingly asks Erica if she's been good. Erica says she's been VERY good, willingly wearing a locked cock cage for two whole months. Queenie is pleased, praising Erica for showing such restraint. Erica is happy with the praise but also desperate. She's documented each and every day she kept the cage on, showing her loyalty to Queenie. 'I know I asked for this, but is it time for me to be unlocked yet, mistress?' Erica asks hopefully.Queenie is still playful and sultry, telling Erica that if she's EXTRA good today, she'll find out the answer to her question...