Is The Magic Gone? - Transfixed

Channel: Transfixed

A magician, Penny Barber, and her assistant, Zariah Aura (who is also her girlfriend), are practicing their amateur magic routine together. Card tricks, hat tricks, blanket tricks -- they have it all for their dreams of putting smiles on the faces of their future audiences. But as they practice the routine, things go wrong and they become frustrated with each other as tempers flare.Zariah laments that she thinks Penny takes her for granted and that they were supposed to be doing these magic shows to have fun TOGETHER. Penny takes a breath and realizes that perhaps she HAS been taking Zariah for granted a bit and forgetting why they started all this in the first place.Thankfully, after talking things through and reflecting on their relationship, they feel close again, which leads to passionate sex as they make some magic of their own.