An Unforgettable Moment - Transfixed

Channel: Transfixed

Ana Foxxx checks the mail, and looks a bit nervous when she sees a familiar name on one of the envelopes. Her girlfriend, Zariah Aura, asks what's wrong, so Ana says it's a letter from Zariah's sibling, Amy. Now it's Zariah's turn to look wary and hesitant, since Amy has never approved of Zariah and Ana's relationship. Ana offers to just throw the letter away, since they're both worried that Amy is taking another opportunity to be cruel to Zariah. But Zariah says she might as well face this... although it'll help if Ana is there to read the letter with her.Zariah opens the envelope, and she and Ana are both surprised to discover that what's inside is not a nasty letter... it's a birthday card for Zariah! Inside the card, there is a sincere apology note from Amy, saying that she supports Zariah and Ana's relationship now.Zariah is deeply moved that Amy has taken this first step towards reconciliation. Ana is very happy for Zariah and kisses her, leading to tender sex where they celebrate this positive change in their lives and their love for each other.